Hi! I’m Sarah, a Primary School Teacher from London. I adore every aspect of my job (well, almost!) but I always look forward to a break and that is why I spend my school holidays travelling.

leading by example
Leading by example… and having fun!

Teaching is a wonderful profession. You have the opportunity everyday to encourage and inspire from the moment you open your classroom door.

It is a lot of fun, especially in the infants, but anyone who is (or knows) a good teacher will know that they work extremely hard every single day to ensure their children exceed expectations and reach their potential. There’s more to it than coming home covered in glitter!!

I’m sure we’ve all had that conversation about how easy life is with “all that holiday” but a friend of mine recently referred to this as “our overtime” which “any decent teacher truly deserves”.

Table Mountain, Cape Town 2016

So, how to spend all that time off?

I choose to spend my school holidays exploring our beautiful world. Throughout my education and now as a teacher, I have travelled to many incredible places across Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa and have also visited USA and Russia.

Please read on to follow my footprints out of my classroom and into my adventures!